We specialize in Unicrete and Columbia concrete roof tile repair and maintenance in both residential and commercial settings. We can work on condominium jobs, based on a maintenance schedule. We do all our own work, there will be no sub-contractors.

Here are some examples of work we have done.

BEFORE (chimney box repair) AFTER (chimney box repair)
Chimney box repair calgary Chimney box repair calgary
BEFORE (skylight repair) AFTER (skylight repair)
Skylight Repair Calgary Skylight Repair Calgary
BEFORE (B-vent flashing upgrade) AFTER (B-vent flashing upgrade)
Roof Vent Repair Calgary Roof Vent Repair Calgary
BEFORE (plumbing vent and mortar upgrades) AFTER (plumbing vent and mortar upgrades)
Roof repair mortal upgrades Plumbing Vent Repair Calgary

We also repair these types of damage to your concrete roof.

 Weather Damage  Rodent Damage Loose Tiles
Weather damage roof repair calgary Roof repair re-sealing calgary Loose tile roof repair calgary
Damaged Tiles Re-Sealing Mortar Repair
Broken concrete roof tile repair calgary Roof repair mortar Damaged Unicrete Roof Tile Repair Calgary
Mortar Repair Mortar Repair Damaged Tiles
Roof Repair Mortar Calgary Damaged concrete roof tile repair Damaged clay roof tile repair calgary
Damaged Tiles  Damaged Tiles  Damaged Tiles
Cracked roof tile repair calgary Cracked clay roof tile repair calgary Damaged roof tile repair calgary